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Shooting Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on Steel Plates

Whenever I shoot steel targets I wonder how hard it would be to hit certain notes with certain size plates, since I’m not musically inclined

April 02, 2014 News
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We’re On Instagram!

Yup, we’re finally on Instagram. If you’re an Instagram user follow us @ArmoryBlog

March 27, 2014 News
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Jerry Miculek Test A Pillow Silencer

) I’m sure you’ve seen it in the movies before, a secret agent uses a pillow to silence a gun shot. But does it really

March 12, 2014 News
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Hamas Using Gun Simulators To Save Ammo

According to Janes, the Palestinian militant group Hamas has started to use firearms simulators to train their members in an attempt to save ammunition. Their

March 05, 2014 News

The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker At The Range

Merle Dixon’s not a bad shot, he has nice taste in guns too. Speaking of Merle and guns, check out our Guns of The Walking

February 23, 2014 News

Israel Weapon Industries To Build Galil ACE in Vietnam

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) recently built a production facility in the northern province of Thanh Hoa in Vietnam according to Janes. IWI will be producing

February 23, 2014 News
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Amazon Bans ‘Assault Weapon’ Accessories

It looks like Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer has banned ‘assault rifle’ parts and accessories. This may have been a policy of theirs for

February 12, 2014 News
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New 1911 and AR-10 From Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory is known for their affordable AR parts and rifles, well now it looks like they’re entering the 1911 and AR-10 market. They

January 19, 2014 News
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SHOT Show 2014 Day Two Pictures

Here’s a few pics we took during the second day of the 2014 SHOT Show, check out the rest of our SHOT Show pictures and

January 15, 2014 News
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SHOT Show 2014 Day One Pictures

We made it through the first day of the 2014 SHOT Show, stay tuned for more pics and coverage! You can view all of our

January 14, 2014 News
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