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US Govt. Bans Izhmash & Kalashnikov Concern Imports

Well it looks like the ban hammer was dropped by the U.S. Government today via “sanctions”. The US Department of Commerce has banned all financial

July 17, 2014 News
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American Tactical Imports $30 Rebate

American Tactical Imports is offering customers a $30 Rebate for any new GSG or Firepower Xtreme firearm bought until July 31, 2014. Click here for

May 19, 2014 News
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Philippines In Talks With Malaysian M4 Maker

The Philippine Government Arsenal is currently in talks with SME Ordnance (SMEO) of Malaysia on a joint venture project over M4 Carbines built under license

May 06, 2014 News
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Good Guy With A Gun Stops Robbers

How come when a good person saves the day with a firearm it’s never covered by the big news stations? We need more stories like

April 30, 2014 News
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Playing Paintball

Who knew that more than thirty years after the invention of the sport of paintball, it would be one of the most popular and expensive

April 21, 2014 News
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Shooting Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on Steel Plates

Whenever I shoot steel targets I wonder how hard it would be to hit certain notes with certain size plates, since I’m not musically inclined

April 02, 2014 News
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We’re On Instagram!

Yup, we’re finally on Instagram. If you’re an Instagram user follow us @ArmoryBlog

March 27, 2014 News
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Jerry Miculek Test A Pillow Silencer

) I’m sure you’ve seen it in the movies before, a secret agent uses a pillow to silence a gun shot. But does it really

March 12, 2014 News
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Hamas Using Gun Simulators To Save Ammo

According to Janes, the Palestinian militant group Hamas has started to use firearms simulators to train their members in an attempt to save ammunition. Their

March 05, 2014 News

The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker At The Range

Merle Dixon’s not a bad shot, he has nice taste in guns too. Speaking of Merle and guns, check out our Guns of The Walking

February 23, 2014 News
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