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stormtrooper-shooting-comp 0

A Stormtrooper Does a USPSA Match

Stormtroopers in Star Wars are not known for their accuracy and shooting skills, this one is about to prove them wrong. Check out this Stormtrooper

November 10, 2016 News
german-helmet-wwii 0

What Happened to German Helmets After WWII?

Ever wonder what happened to all those millions of German helmets after WWII? They were known as the Stahlhelm and they were very popular bring

November 06, 2016 News
ka-bar-tactical-spork 1

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork and Hidden Knife

Ever find yourself in a situation where you’re eating and you just wish you had utensils that were just a little more tactical? Well Ka-Bar

August 15, 2016 News
ar-15-muzzle-brake-fail 2

AR-15 Rail and Muzzle Brake Fail

Check out this gem that was posted on Reddit a while back, some genius mounted a keymod rail onto their AR-15 that covered all the

May 08, 2016 News
ar-15-tac-sac 2

Tac-Sac Tactical Nut Sack

Are you one of those lifted truck drivers that has a nut sack on the back of your truck? Well here’s the gun accessory for

May 08, 2016 News
full-auto-glock-17 0

Hickok45 Shoots a Full Auto Glock 17

Hickok45 has the coolest job in the world, check out the video of him below shooting a select fire converted Glock

May 08, 2016 News
ar-15-sentry-gun 0

AR-15 Sentry Gun

Check out this video below of an AR-15 target detecting sentry gun built by NYC CNC. Check out how they built it in the video

May 08, 2016 News
amazon-ammo 3

Amazon Announces They’ll Start Selling Ammo Online

The world’s largest online retailer Amazon.com just announced that they will now be selling ammunition online. In a turn about from their previous stance of

April 01, 2016 Humor, News
keanu-reeves-shooting-ar15 1

Keanu Reeves Killin It While Shooting 3-Gun

Check out the video below of movie star Keanu Reeves absolutely killing it at 3 gun. He seems to be quite fast and his weapon

March 04, 2016 News
pistol-found-in-truck 2

Mechanic Finds Pistol in Truck Door Panel

I spotted this over on a Facebook group I follow. Apparantly someone brought their F150 truck into the shop because their window wouldn’t roll down,

February 17, 2016 News
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