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Machine Gun Graveyard

Check out this picture posted on TheFirearmBlog of a bunch of machine guns at a museum in California that were made inoperable. Sad. Almost as

August 15, 2016 Military
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B-25G Mitchell Gunship 75mm Cannon Combat Footage

Check out this awesome combat footage in the .gif below of the WWII era B-25G Mitchell Gunship with a 75mm M4 Cannon. They were used

February 17, 2016 Military

France Looking to Replace FAMAS Rifle

Looks like France is finally working on replacing their FAMAS rifles. They’re looking to acquire 90,000 rifles chambered in 5.56mm x 45 NATO from a

June 01, 2014 Military

Insane Russian Confidence Drills

Larry Vickers went to Russia where he went to the range with Russian special forces to do some confidence drills. I don’t recommend you try

March 22, 2014 Military
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Israeli F-16 Engines Stolen From Base

It was recently reported that several F-16 fighter jet engines were stolen from a base in central Israel. It’s suspected that the theft was an

December 06, 2012 Military
russian-sniper-rifle 2

Treasures Of The Russian Armed Forces Museum

Posted over on English Russia, these images are from the Russian Central Armed Forces Museum on Moscow. Founded in 1911, the impressive collection at the

June 17, 2012 Military
Maring using Magpul PMAG 1

No Army Ban on Magpul PMAGs Afterall?

Back in May we posted about the Army banning PMAGs and other Non-USGI magazines, well it looks like there was no ban on them afterall.

June 10, 2012 Military
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Army Bans PMAGS and Other Non-USGI Magazines

From a recent report at Military.com Despite the success of the PMAG, Army officials from the TACOM Life Cycle Management Command issued a “safety of

May 28, 2012 Military
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Russia’s T-50 Fifth Gen Fighter Jet

On paper Russia’s T-50 Fifth generation fighter jet seems pretty impressive, but it looks like they won’t be entering service until

April 23, 2012 Military
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Live Ammo Used in Act Of Valor

I saw the trailer for the new movie Act Of Valor at the movies this past weekend, while the action scenes looked good, I thought

January 30, 2012 Military
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