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ar15-ugly-christmas-sweater 0

Gun Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Looking for a gift for a fellow gun owner? How about this Gun Ugly Christmas Sweater, it has three different types of firearms on them.

November 28, 2016 Gear
christmas-story-ralphie-AR 3

2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Shooters

Still not sure what to buy the hunter or shooting enthusiast in your life? Don’t fret, you still have time! As a fellow gun enthusiast

November 20, 2016 Gear
phoenix-technology-ak-sight-fiber-optic 0

Unusual Fiber Optic AK sights from Phoenix Technology

I’m a fan of fiber optic sights, in fact I actually rock these Hi Viz fiber optic sights on my Glock 17. Another fiber optic

November 06, 2016 Gear
negan-lucille-the-walking-dead 0

Negan’s Baseball Bat “Lucille” from The Walking Dead

Did you just watch the first episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead? Whew what an episode. The new villain Negan doesn’t use a

October 23, 2016 Gear
mtm-ar15-mag-can 0

MTM Tactical Mag Cans for 223/5.56 Magazines

Loading magazines at the range can be a pain, especially if you’re sending a lot of ammo downrange that day. Most people like to preload

September 20, 2016 Gear
bungee-holster 1

The Bungee Holster

I like minimalist style gear, as long as its well thought out and it works. I don’t think the bungee holster is either. The makers

August 13, 2016 Gear
mosin-spam-can-pillow 1

Mosin Nagant 7.62x54r Spam Can Pillow

Here’s a pretty cool gift for the Mosin Nagant fan in your life, it’s a pillow in the shape of a Russian 7.62x54r spam can

May 08, 2016 Gear
stupid-simple-sling 2

Deal Alert: The Stupid Simple Sling For $13.99

Check out this awesome deal on a really good sling. The folks from Little Creek Trading are having an amazing deal on their ‘Stupid Simple

April 24, 2016 Deals, Gear
clay-pigeon-target-holders 1

Clay Pigeon Target Holders

After AR500 steel my favorite targets to shoot are clay pigeons, there’s just something satisfying about seeing those orange clay targets shatter on impact. There’s

April 17, 2016 Gear
shemagh-for-dog 0

Shemaghs For Your Dog

Looking for a something tactical for your dog? How about a shemagh for your pup? The pet lifestyle brand KiloNiner has dog sized shemaghs in

April 17, 2016 Gear
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