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ar-15-soda-can-launcher 0

AR-15 Soda Can Launcher

AR-15 drum mag maker X Products posted on their Facebook page a new soda can launcher they’re working on. They’re going to partner with another

April 09, 2014 Rifles
oblivion-guns 1

Oblivion Replica Prop Guns Build

A member over on the Replica Prop Forum made this awesome build of the rifle and pistol from the movie Oblivion. Any of those parts

April 09, 2014 Firearms
Sigtac AR-15 Brace 1

Sigtac Stabilizing Brace Officially ATF Legal

It’s official, AR-15 arm braces like the Sigtac Stabilizing Brace are fully legal to use with your AR-15 pistols even if you use them from

April 06, 2014 Handguns
crimea-ar-15 1

AR-15 with Adams Arms, Magpul and PWS Parts in Crimea

This was spotted in Crimea recently, that doesn’t look very Russian to me. From what I can tell he’s using an Adams Arms Piston upper,

March 30, 2014 Rifles
izhmash-factory-ak-47-kalashnikov 0

Hugo Schmeisser Helped Make the AK-47?

Interesting video that talks about Hugo Schmeisser and how he helped design the iconic AK-47 that has been credited to Mikhail Kalashnikov. Who is Hugo

March 30, 2014 Rifles
ak-47-cutaway 1

AK-47 Cutaway

Check out this awesome cutaway of an AK-47 complete with a bottle of vodka. If you think it’s a picture, it’s actually a really well

March 30, 2014 Rifles
glock-19-house-fire 2

Glock 19 Survives House Fire

Glocks are known for their durability, but did you know they’re also fire resistant? OK maybe not, Glock posted on their Facebook page these pics

March 18, 2014 Handguns
tiffany-co-kriss-vector 0

Tiffany and Co KRISS Vector and AR-15

Hey fellas, looking for the perfect gift for the special lady in your life? How about an AR-15 or KRISS Vector painted in the Tiffany

March 18, 2014 Firearms
1927-A-1-Thompson 2

1927 A-1 Thompson Found in Grandma’s Basement

I stumbled upon this post on Reddit a while back but forgot to post it. The person who found it since deleted their account (which

March 12, 2014 Rifles
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