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Mosin Nagant crate 0

Guide to Buying a Mosin Nagant

Click Here for the full-size image Check out this handy guide on how-to buy a Mosin Nagant I stumbled upon over on r/MosinNagant

January 16, 2015 Rifles
sig-brace-pistol-1 0

AR Pistol with a Bumpfire Sig SBX Arm Brace, Someone Actually Made One

There’s been a lot of controversy lately with the Sig arm braces for the AR15 pistols. So how does one make it even more controversial?

January 15, 2015 Rifles
thompson-vs-grease-gun-vs-k 1

Thompson vs Grease Gun vs KRISS Vector

Vickers Tactical new video puts two WWII era submachine guns head to head against the KRISS Vector. While all three shoot .45ACP, they’re all very

January 03, 2015 Firearms
ar-15-300-blk-kaboom 1

What Happens When You Shoot 300BLK in a 5.56 Upper

I’ve made the mistake of shooting the incorrect cartridge in a firearm before, it was a .40S&W in a 1911 chambered for .45ACP. I lucked

December 28, 2014 Rifles

Vintage US Army Review of the AK-47

Here’s the US Army’s evaluation of the AK-47, I wonder where and how they got this

December 27, 2014 Rifles
modernized-fg-42 0

Modernized Tactical FG-42

The German FG-42 from WWII was a pretty bad ass weapon, something I’ve yet to shoot and probably never will. But I can live vicariously

December 22, 2014 Rifles
khar-pistol 0

200 Yard Shot with a Kahr CW9

Not a bad shot, move over Jerry Miculek! Amy’s video was actually pretty good, check out her new channel over on YouTube

November 17, 2014 Handguns
palmetto-state-armory-9mm-ar15 3

Palmetteo State Armory 9MM AR Kits

Looking for a budget friendly 9mm AR-15 kit? Palmetto State Armory is now selling their 9mm AR-15 kits minus the lower receiver. Check them out

November 14, 2014 Rifles
Mosin 2

Bubba’d Mosin Nagant Pistol

I’m usually ok with slight modifications to Mosin Nagants, but these mods are much more than slight. It looks like it wouldn’t be fun to

November 05, 2014 Handguns
ak-suppressor-russia-war 2

Improvised AK suppressor in Ukraine

Check out what looks like a homemade suppressor on this AK spotted in Ukraine. Or is it just a plastic bag over a legit suppressor?

October 30, 2014 Rifles
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