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ar-15-split-half 1

AR-15 Catastrophic Failure After 100K Rounds

Someone over on Reddit posted about this range rental AR-15 that went kaboom after 100,000 rounds. Good thing no one was hurt. Back story: I

July 12, 2014 Rifles
Padgett qualification range 3

U.S. Army Looking For a New Handgun

The United States Army is once again looking for a new sidearm, but this time they’re considering one chambered in something other than 9mm according

July 08, 2014 Handguns
guns of BOPE 2

The Guns of BOPE

With the 2014 World Cup in full swing down in Brazil I thought it would be a good oppurtinity to talk about the various firearms

July 07, 2014 Firearms
glock-23-pre-travel-mod 1

Glock Pre-Travel Reduction Mod

One of the biggest downfalls to the Glock trigger is the huge amount of pre-travel. Well one resourceful Redditor posted their Bubba’s Pre-Travel Mod on

July 06, 2014 Handguns
AK-47-wall 0

Four Ways to Reload an AK-47

One of the areas the AK-47 falls behind in versus the AR-15 is in speed reloads. The AR can be reloaded very very quickly. The

July 06, 2014 Rifles
homemade-ar-bullpup 1

Homemade AR-15 Bullpup

Who needs a Tavor when you can just make one of those bad boys? I kinda like it, it’s actually a pretty simple yet effective

July 02, 2014 Rifles
Mosin Nagant crate 1

Mosin Nagant 1126 Yard Shot

Who said you couldn’t use a Mosin Nagant for long range shooting

July 02, 2014 Rifles
dtac 3

DTAC Mongoose Mossberg Stocks

Looking for a way to take some of the sting out of the your Mossberg shotguns recoil? The new Mongoose stocks from DTAC do just

June 24, 2014 Shotguns
glock-17-with-glock-19-mag 2

Glock 17 Cut Down to Use Glock 19 Mags

Ever wonder what a Glock 17 would look like if the grip was cut to accept Glock 19 mags? A Redditor over at r/Glocks did

June 11, 2014 Handguns

RifleMods Mosin Nagant 10 Round Magazine

Well it looks like there’s finally a 10 round magazine available for the Mosin Nagant rifle. Well there is the 10 round mag from ProMag

June 10, 2014 Rifles
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