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Student stops burglar with Katana



A Johns Hopkins University student defended himself from a would be burglar who broke into his apartment at 1am last night. As he confronted the burglar he lunged at him, he took quick action with the katana he brought with him to investigate. The burglar suffered lacerations to his upper body as well as a partially-severed hand, he later died at the scene. Students have had their off-campus apartments broken into before at the Baltimore college, which has caused concern with many of the students.

The home had four undergrads living in it who already had a Sony PlayStation and two laptops stolen earlier in the week. The suspect had priors for breaking and entering says the police. The student who confronted the burglar is currently in police custody until it will be decided if he will be brought on charges or not. To me it seems like a clear case of self defense, I’m sure he will be cleared of any wrong doing. It’s good that the students have stood up to these burglars who are stealing from them, let this be a lesson to all the burglars out there.


  1. If a guy is inside your house at 1am and he is not supposed to be there, you have no idea what he plans to do. Will he take your playstation and leave, or will he tie you up, slit your throat, and then take your playstation? To successfully defend yourself against an attacker you can’t sit down and interview him to determine what a “proportionate response” would be. If a criminal is absolutely, without question leaving your house with your playstation and you stab him in the back, well, then you might have some issues. Appropriate defense is stopping the threat. Sounds like the attacker made an advance toward the student and he responded by slashing with the sword. From the article, it sounds like that was the end of it (i.e. the criminal did not die later from multiple stab wounds and decapitation). Criminal attacked, victim defended, criminal died, and that should be the end of the story.

  2. sountds to me like the guy bleed out from the hand but anyway here if the guy was inside self defence applies cause he broke in if he had been outside the apartment well thats a dif story

  3. i am all for protecting your property and all… but he didn’t need to KILL the guy…
    i mean, the partially severed hand sounds like it would have been enough

    i hate when the whole “self defense” thing gets used to excuse someone when they use excessive force

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