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The Walking Dead has a pretty ecletric variety of weapons, there’s Rick’s .357 Colt Python, and fan favorite Daryl Dixon’s crossbow. Probably the most  iconic weapon from The Walking Dead TV show as well as the comics, is Michonne’s Katana. The current lead female bad ass in the series makes use of the ancient Samurai weapon to dispatch walkers in silence, a key to survival in the world of The Walking Dead.

But who makes Michonne’s katana in The Walking Dead? It’s definitely not an off the shelf Katana from your local swap meet. It was actually made by Ollin Sword Design in collaboration with Kit Rae and The Walking Dead prop master John Sanders.

EDIT: You can get a limited edition replica of Michonne’s Katana here from Amazon.




Weight: 3 lb 5 oz
Over All Length: 41″
Blade Length: 29″
Width of Blade at Hilt: 1 13/16″
Point of Balance: 2″

Blade: 5160 Steel
Tsuka: Wood core, Ray skin, Leather wrap
Tsuba,Fuchi, Koshira: Nickel Plated Bronze


There is actually a limited edition licensed version of Michonne’s Katana currently available for pre-sale (seen above), only 2000 were made world wide, you can snag one here before they’re all sold out. Ollin Sword Design makes the original real deal version however. Ollin doesn’t have prices listed on the Katana product page, or whether you can even purchase them or not.

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