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Bear Grylls Parang Recall


gerber bear grylls parang

This may be old news to some, but while at my local sporting goods store I saw they had a  recall notice about the Bear Grylls Parang. If you own one head on over to Gerber’s site to find out more info on which models were are being recalled and how- to get a replacement. Apparently a batch of Parang’s had a defect that may cause a weakness in the handle.


  1. I went to buy a gerber product, but the shop attendant said that they don’t sell gerber products anymore. due to it’s production have been moved out of the US and into China. Making the blade quality bad, because it’s using cheap steel.

    they also told me, they displayed a gerber blade in a glass case. and it rusted for no reasons at all.

    in the end, they told me. to never buy gerber anymore, because their quality have gotten worse.

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