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Search In-Stock Ammo in Realtime with GunBot

We posted our big list of ammo sources online a while back to help you find ammo online, but I recently stumbled upon an awesome

February 28, 2013 Ammo
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Budget Priced Fiber Optic Green Dot, The Poor Man’s ACOG

When it comes to gun parts and accessories I’m a huge advocate of buying the best you can possibly afford, especially if your life depends

February 28, 2013 Gear
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The Walking Dead AR-15 Goof

The Walking Dead is one of the hottest shows on TV right now, but it seems like no one on set really knows what they’re

February 27, 2013 Humor
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Deal Alert: Bushnell Laser Boresighter

These days ammo is in short supply and priced pretty darn high, so it’s always a good idea when you can save some rounds when

February 19, 2013 Gear
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15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Walking Dead

Click-Here for the full-size infographic For all my fellow The Walking Dead fans out there. Also, check out our guns of The Walking Dead posts

February 15, 2013 News
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Because of the Drought, There’s No Such Thing as “Ugly-Duckling Ammo”

Less than three months ago during an ArmoryBlog shootout, I remember thinking that I should actually enjoy loading my “normal capacity” (more than 10 round)

February 15, 2013 News
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Our Big List of Online Ammo Sources

The great gun and ammo panic of 2013 (now going into 2015) is probably going to go down as one of the worst shortages in

February 08, 2013 Ammo
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Dorner’s Manifesto Supports AWB, Increased Gun Control

If you haven’t already heard, an ex-cop and service member has been going on a cop killing spree in Southern California. Christopher Dorner, who released

February 07, 2013 News
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Beware of Fake Magpul PMAGs

Magpul knock offs are nothing new, the market is flooded with fake Magpul goods and fake/cheapo gun accessories in general. Fake EOtech optics and fake Magpul

February 06, 2013 Rifles
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Chris Kyle, Former SEAL and Most Lethal Sniper Murdered

Chris Kyle, a former US Navy SEAL and the most lethal sniper in United States history (160 confirmed kills out of 255 claimed) was murdered

February 04, 2013 News
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