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LaRue-Chris-Costa-AR15 1

LaRue Chris Costa Edition OBR Rifle

New from LaRue Tactical and Chris Costa, the LaRue Chris Costa Edition OBR rifle one fine looking rifle. It features a the COSTA LUDAS logo

July 30, 2012 Rifles
chicks-with-guns-book 0

Chicks With Guns Photo Book

I’ve been on a book kick lately, I usually don’t read books, but after discovering Gun: A Visual History recently I’ve been buying more and

July 30, 2012 Gear
batman-weapons-emp-gun 0

How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman In Real Life?

Ever wonder how much Bruce Wayne spends on being the Dark Knight? While the infograhic from Mashable below is just a guesstimate, it gives us

July 30, 2012 News
kim rhode olympics 3

Kim Rhode Makes Olympic History

The shooting sports may not get much coverage during the Olympics, but that might change thanks to Kim Rhode. She is the first US athlete

July 29, 2012 News
gaston-glock-wife 1

Gaston Glock Threatens Photographer With A Water Pistol

Gaston Glock, pictured above with his much younger wife, got himself into some pretty hot water recently. The founder and owner of Glock g.m.b.H. according

July 29, 2012 News
iphone-stun-gun-case 1

iPhone Stun Gun Case

Posted over on the GunSpec Blog, this iPhone Stun Gun case looks pretty similar to the .50 BMG Proof iPhone Case we posted about a

July 29, 2012 Gear
Voula PapaChristou 9

Greek Olympian Banned Over Racist and Gun Tweets

Remember the two Australian Olympic swimmers who got in trouble posting pictures of themselves posing with guns on Facebook? Looks like Greek Triple Jumper Voula

July 26, 2012 News
lionseek-guns 0

Search Guns For Sale On Gun Forums With LionSeek.com

Gun forums are a great place to buy and sell guns online, I’m a member of many of the popular gun forums out there and

July 23, 2012 Firearms
eye-protection-review 2

Eye Protection/Shooting Glasses Review

One often overlooked piece of shooting gear is proper shooting glasses. Many shooters focus on hearing protection when proper eye protection can be just as

July 23, 2012 Firearms
glock-poster 1

Glock Safe Action Pistols Poster

Here’s one for all the Glock fans out there, this classic Glock “Safe Action Pistols” poster features a cutaway view of the classic Glock 17

July 23, 2012 Gear
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