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baffle-xray 1

Suppressor Baffles Under An X-Ray

A member over on Gunnit took the time to X-ray various suppressor cans, pretty cool view. Check out our past firearms under an x-ray post,

June 29, 2012 Rifles
palmetto-nobo12-ar-15-lower 1

Palmetto State Armory’s “NOBO12” Anti-Obama AR-15 Lower

I usually don’t like to get political here on ArmoryBlog, but since this is directly related to guns and because I’m a Palmetto State Armory

June 29, 2012 Rifles
communist-google 3

Google Shopping Censors Firearms and Ammo

This year seems to be the year that large corporations have started to take a stand for or against guns. Back in January the Ultimate

June 28, 2012 News
gun-a-visual-history 2

Gun: A Visual History

I’m not much of a reader, and when I do read it’s usually other blogs online or gun magazines. But I’m willing to give Gun:

June 28, 2012 Gear
Tactical Baby Carrier 4

Tactical Baby Carrier

This is for all the parents and soon to be parents out there, these tactical baby carriers are coming soon from tactical gear maker Mayflower.

June 28, 2012 Gear
mosin-nagant-eotech-512 1

A $600 Mosin Nagant

Got an extra EoTech optic laying around? Throw it onto your $100 Mosin Nagant rifle. Good luck on getting a good cheeck weld on that

June 28, 2012 Humor
wolf-223-ammo 4

Making The Case For Steel Cased Ammo

Posted over at the Cheaperthandirt blog, they talk about both the pros and cons of using steel cased ammo. While there are some down sides

June 25, 2012 Ammo
50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener 1

.50 Caliber Bottler Opener Review

Now here’s a really cool way to crack open a cold one. From Bullets2Bandages.org, this unique bottle opener is actually made out real once fired

June 24, 2012 Reviews
gun-ice-cube-trays 1

Pistol Ice-Cube Tray

Here’s a cool way to make some ice-cubes. These pistol shaped ice-cube trays would make a great present for any gun enthusiasts, or sport them

June 24, 2012 Gear
Kevlar-Ballistic-Mask 0

DIY Kevlar Ballistic Mask

In the market for a kevlar ballistic mask but don’t want to shell out the money for one? Here’s a DIY that might be of

June 24, 2012 Gear
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