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Hillary Clinton’s Female Security Force

American diplomats and politicians are usually very well guarded. Only the very best protect those running our country. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton has her

October 31, 2011 News

UFC Fighters At The Range

UFC fighters Joe Lauzon, Dan Hardy and Roy Nelson hit up the The Gun Store in Las Vegas. If you’re not an MMA fan The

October 31, 2011 Firearms

iPhone 4/4S Strike Industries Battle Case

Magpul started the trend of tactical accessory companies making iPhone cases for gun enthusiasts. Strike Industries recently threw their hat into the iPhone case ring

October 30, 2011 Gear

The New Colt Super-Stoc

Colt recently replaced the tried and true M4 stock with their Colt Super-Stoc. Colt Defense and shooting intructor Bill Rogers worked together to design the

October 27, 2011 Rifles

Hornady’s Zombie Max Ammo

Hornady just released their new Zombie Max line of ammo designed to “make dead…permanent”, as if ammo didn’t do that already. They’re available in 9mm,

October 26, 2011 Ammo

The Weapons of The Walking Dead

If you’re a fan of the AMC show The Walking Dead (and you’re reading this blog) I assume you pay attention to the various guns

October 23, 2011 Blades, Firearms

Gaddafi’s Gold Browning Pistol

What’s with Middle Eastern dictators love of gold plated guns? A few months ago rebels found a gold plated “Dragunov” variant Al Kadesih rifle in Gaddafi’s compound.

October 23, 2011 Handguns
mission-spec-sling-review 3

Mission Spec Irene Adaptive Sling Review

Rifle Slings are some of the best selling gun accessories, and understandably so. Just as it is necessary for a pistol to have a holster,

October 23, 2011 Reviews
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