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HK MP5 Nintendo Wii controller

The Nintendo Wii is the most popular gaming console right now, and what makes it so fun to play is the cool motion control “Wiimotes.”

October 16, 2009 Uncategorized

Governor Signs AB962 Restricting Ammunition sales in California

This is a sad day for Californian firearms enthusiasts. The bill that would restrict ammunition sales in California, AB962, was signed recently by Governor Schwarzenegger.

October 13, 2009 News

The Czech Army no longer using the Vz. 58

The Czech Army has used the venerable Vz. 58 since 1958, it has been used by other countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa as

October 08, 2009 Rifles

Remington buys silencer makers AAC

It looks like Remington has just purchased suppressor manufacturer ACC (Advanced Armament Corp), the deal was finalized on October 2nd, making ACC a division of

October 07, 2009 News

Girls with Guns

Welcome to first part of our new series here at Armory Blog, Girls with Guns! What is more hotter than a cute girl, with a

October 07, 2009 Firearms

CCW holder threatens to shoot his iPhone

Well one unhappy customer at an Apple Store in a Cincinnati mall got a little out of hand with his anger towards his iPhone. He

October 02, 2009 News

S&W ships the new Walther PK380 pistol

The Walther PK380 in .380acp is now finally shipping from S&W, we first saw the new PK380 back in January. We’re glad it’s finally ready

October 01, 2009 Handguns
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