Deal Alert: Kershaw Knives Sale



For a limited time Amazon is having a sale on all Kershaw Knives, prices are up to 50% off. Check it out here.

Deal Alert: Plano 42″ Tactical Hard Gun Case



Check out this awesome deal on this Plano 42-inch hard rifle case with foam for $58 with free shipping. This deal pops up every so often and it usually sells out pretty quick.

They’re available on Amazon.com.

How a Glock Works with a Glock Cutaway


Check out this cool video from 762x51n80 showing off how a Glock works with a rare Glock Cutaway model, pretty cool.

Fake LANTAC Dragon Muzzle Brakes Spotted



Well it didn’t take Chinese copy cats long to make knock offs of one of the most popular AR-15 accessories on the market. I spotted this copy of the LANTAC Dragon Muzzle brake on Amazon. It’s a pretty blatant copy, for reference here is a real LANTAC Dragon.

This isn’t anything new, EOTech, Magpul, Aimpoint and many others have had their products copied by the Chinese as well.

The Walking Dead Merle Dixon’s Knife Hand Replica



If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead then I’m sure you’re familiar with this bad boy. ThinkGeek has made a replica costume version of Merle Dixon’s knife hand from the show. It’s made out of ABS plastic, faux leather straps and a replica Mauser bayonet. They’re available at Amazon.com.

Check out our past post on Michonne’s Replica Katana and Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow.

A Drone with a Pistol



It was only a matter of time before someone did this. Check out this RC quadcopter drone shooting a pistol. I’m pretty sure giving your drone a pistol isn’t the smartest thing to do, have they never seen the Terminator series?

Jerry Miculek Hunts Raptors with a SPAS-12 Shotgun


Jerry’s at it again, this time he goes rapter hunting with the iconic SPAS-12 shotgun from Jurassic Park. In case you were wondering what kind of lever-action rifle Chris Pratt used in Jurassic World find out here.

FDE Glock 42 From Lipsey’s



Looking for a Glock 42 in Flat Dark Earth? Well they’ll be available from firearms distributor Lipsey’s.

Baton Rouge, LA — Lipsey’s, nationally renowned firearms distributor, has added the much anticipated Flat Dark Earth version of the Glock 42 to their robust line of FDE Glocks.

The new Lipsey’s Exclusive Glock 42 adds another excellent option to the growing family of FDE pistols which now spans 33 models including two-tone and full Flat Dark Earth.

Lipsey’s Product Development Manager, Jason Cloessner, has been working with Glock for several months on adding Lipsey’s signature FDE to one of the most popular .380 ACP’s on the market. “The FDE line of Glocks have firmly entrenched themselves as a mainstream item. The Glock 42 was a natural follow-up to what has become one of our most in-demand exclusive offerings.“

All of Lipsey’s Exclusive Flat Dark Earth Glocks are molded in the FDE color at the Glock factory. This molding method provides greater color durability that prevents chipping, peeling and better wear resistance as opposed to some offerings that feature aftermarket coatings applied to the frames.

Located in Baton Rouge, Lipsey’s was originally formed as a wholesale hunting and fishing distributor in 1953. Today it is one of the nation’s most prominent wholesale firearms distributors. The company, which sells exclusively to federally licensed dealers, has received a number of awards and accolades for its industry leadership. Moreover, Lipsey’s is recognized for its dedicated team, excellent relationships with customers and top firearms manufacturers, and exclusive product offerings.

Marlin 1895 Lever Action Rifle From Jurassic World



If you just saw the new movie Jurassic World I’m sure you’re wondering, what lever action rifle was Chris Pratt using the movie? I was wondering the same thing as soon as I saw it on screen. It’s a pretty sweet looking rifle, I’ve always had a thing for lever actions.


Well apparently it’s a Marlin Model 1895SBL chambered in .45-70 Government per IMFDB. Just like with the SPAS 12 shotgun from the original Jurassic Park movie the Marlin 1895 lever action is sure to be an iconic gun from the franchise.

In case you want to build a clone the rifle in the movie seems to also be using a Butler Creek Ultra Cartridge Sling, FX-II Scout IER 2.5x28mm Scope, and Leupold Rifleman Detachable See-Thru High mounts. Thanks to the commentor below for pointing that out.

In case you’re wondering the other gun in the above picture is also using a Crimson Trace Laser.

Full-Size Iron Man Hulk Buster Statue on Amazon



You really can find almost anything on Amazon, except lasers and some gun parts. Check out this full-size Iron Man Hulkbuster statue from the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. It weights in at just 1455 lbs and is selling for just $21,000 and $731.99 for shipping. Too bad it’s not available for Amazon Prime shipping or I might actually consider it. Check it out over at Amazon.

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