2014 Holiday Gift Guide For Shooters


Still not sure what to buy the hunter or shooting enthusiast in your life? Don’t fret, we’re not sure either! But here’s a list of some gift ideas we’ve stumbled upon while shopping for the holidays or that we’d like to receive for Christmas (I hope the wife is reading!). Have an idea of your own? Feel free to comment so we can expand this list!

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1791 Apparel and Manticore Arms Contest

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Here’s an awesome contest from 1791 Apparel and Manticore Arms, info on prizes and how to enter below.

Prized include:

Manticore Arms
– ARClight XTL Tavor forend (black, naked trim)
– Renegade Yugo Pap forend
– Eclipse flash hider
– NightBrake muzzle compensator
– Manticore Arms t-shirt

– $100 gift certificate

How-to enter:

1. Like the Manticore Arms page – https://www.facebook.com/ManticoreArms
2. Like the 1791apparel page – https://www.facebook.com/1791apparel
3. Share this post on your own Facebook page (click Share>Share Status)
4. Check back next Sunday, 11/23 @ 5pm CST to see if you’ve won!

Deal Alert: Spend $100 and Get $20 Amazon Credit

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Here’s a pretty sweet deal, spend $100 in the Hunting and Fishing category on Amazon.com and get a $20 promotional credit. Check out the deal over at the Hunting and Fishing section at Amazon.com.

In case you missed it, I put together a Holiday Gift Guide for gun enthusiast, just a few ideas to help you hit $100.

200 Yard Shot with a Kahr CW9

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Not a bad shot, move over Jerry Miculek! Amy’s video was actually pretty good, check out her new channel over on YouTube.

Convert Your AR15 to Full Auto For Just $169

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Well there you have it folks, the easiest way to turn your AR15 into a scary assault rifle!

Here’s another doozy from Jennifer. Not sure if she is a troll or dead serious. Check for yourself on her Twitter.

EDIT: Apparently she is a troll



[Source: r/ar15]

Palmetteo State Armory 9MM AR Kits

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Looking for a budget friendly 9mm AR-15 kit? Palmetto State Armory is now selling their 9mm AR-15 kits minus the lower receiver. Check them out at PalmettoStateArmory.com.

Barrel: 16″ chrome moly steel barrel. Chambered in 9mm, (9×19), with a 1/10 twist. The Mid profile Barrel is melonite treated for durability and finished off with an .750″ diameter F-marked front sight base with sling swivel, standard handguards and a 1/2-36 thread A2-syle flash hider.

Upper: Forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is hard coat anodized black for durability. Featuring T-marks, these upper upper receivers are made for us right here in the USA.
Bolt Carrier Group: For 9mm AR15 Includes Charging Handle.
Lower Build Kit: PSA 9mm Classic Lower Build Kit – Includes aluminum 9mm magazine block. Block installs from the top after removing bolt catch. Installation instructions included.
Magazine: Includes 32 round Metalform PSA Colt-style magazine

The Walking Dead Limited Edition Replica of Michonne’s Katana

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A while back I posted about the maker of Michonne’s Katana from The Walking Dead who collaborated with Kit Rae and prop master John Sanders from AMC’s The Walking Dead series to create the sword for the show. I found out there’s actually an officially licensed limited edition of Michonne’s Katana available as well for fans to purchase from Amazon.com, at just 2,000 being made worldwide they’re sure to sellout fairly quickly.

Currently they’re on pre-order from various retailers online, but you can snag one now from Amazon.com before they sell out.

Homemade Black Powder Bazooka Fail

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Who doesn’t like a good fail video? Especially when they include firearms and potentially dangerous scenarios! Here’s one that could have definitely gone much worse than it did.

Bubba’d Mosin Nagant Pistol

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I’m usually ok with slight modifications to Mosin Nagants, but these mods are much more than slight. It looks like it wouldn’t be fun to shoot at all.


Russian Kid’s Battlefield Pickups after the Battle of Stalingrad

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I spy a couple of MG34s and Kar98ks

[Source: r/oldschoolcool]

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