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Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Glock 19 A/IWB Holster Review


A good holster is something that is an absolute necessity for anyone that owns and carries handguns. I have lost count of how many holsters I actually own and I’m sure many of you are in the same position I am. I always seem to find a holster that combines MOST of the things I want but never all of them. But, what makes a holster good can vary based on ones needs and desires. For me, a good holster has solid retention, comfort, stability and, of course, the ability to conceal a firearm well. I have found exactly what I like in the Hazmat Holsters NV3 holster. It has a great combination of all of the things previously mentioned and it has great styling as well!

Deal Alert: Sig Sauer 1911 .22lr Conversion Kit for $149.95


sig sauer 1911 .22lr conversion kit

Looking for an affordable way to get more trigger time with your 1911? Sig Sauer has their 1911 .22lr conversion kits on closeout right now for just $149.95. These kits fit most fullsize 1911s on the market, not just Sig Sauer 1911s. They come with one magazine, but if you need more the kit uses GSG .22lr mags as the kit is essentially a rebranded GSG 1911 slide. Check out the kit over at SigSauer.com.

New Products from Strike Industries at SHOT Show 2018


Check out the new Strike Industries gridlock quick detach handguard and PDW arm brace debuted at SHOT Show 2018.

Mossberg Patriot .30-06 Review

mossberg patriot review
Source: Mossberg

About a month ago I saw a deal that was going to be very difficult for me to pass up. The package was quite enticing and was going for a great price. It was a Mossberg Patriot with a walnut stock accompanied by a Vortex Crossfire II 3x9x40 scope. They offered multiple calibers such as .243 win, .270 win, .308 win, .30-06 sprg and of course .300 win mag. Being an avid deer hunter for a long time, my interest was peaked. Could it be? A solid, name brand rifle with a great scope as a package deal for $499? I had to investigate further.

SHOT Show 2018 Pictures


glock 19x

Check out our pictures from the 2018 SHOT Show

The New TacticalPay Radio Show


I love podcast, it’s usually what I listen to while at work, the gym or when I’m blogging. I recently heard about a new podcast all about guns and the firearms industry, if you’re on this blog then I’m sure those topics are of interest to you. 

The new podcast is called the TacticalPay Radio Show. From the show description:

Welcome to TacticalPay Radio, the fun, fascinating show for firearms industry professionals. On this podcast, you’ll hear stories directly from the folks who make our industry tick. Featuring interviews with gun store operators, entrepreneurs, retailers and all of the awesome people who make up our community. From handgun shooting to hog hunting, from accounting to AR15’s… shotguns, rifles, accessories, concealed carry, trade shows, gun rights, sales trends, and more. If it’s in our industry, we’re going to talk about it!

You can check out more info on the show at Tacticalpay.com

The show is also available on iTunes HERE.

Love and a .45


It was cold, actually, it was damn cold outside. If I recall correctly, it was the middle of February and there was about an inch of snow on the ground. This was almost two years ago and the day that I took my romantic interest (now fiancee) out to my family farm for the first time. Now, your average person doesn’t necessarily enjoy not being able to feel their toes after ten minutes outside. Come to find out, she was absolutely your average person in this aspect. But, the thought of frozen toes didn’t phase me when I knew I was going to be able to put some rounds down range that afternoon.

SHOT Show 2018 Media Day at the Range Pictures


Check out our pictures from the SHOT Show 2018 Media Day at the Range. Check out the rest of our pictures from SHOT Show 2018 HERE.

Removing Deep Gun Rust (and Bluing) at Home with Vinegar


As a trained gunsmith, I find restoration and refinishing to be very rewarding work. I love the feeling of taking something worn or neglected, hand refinishing, and restoring it to some of its natural glory. Naturally, I spend some of my free time browsing pawn shops and used gun stores for neglected treasures. Recently, I found one; a Used Mauser HSc pistol in 7,65mm Browning for $145.

The big problem with the handgun is that it was sorely neglected. It was rusted to the point that serial numbers and other markings were almost impossible to identify and it was evident that the rust had begun to take deeper hold, pitting the metal. It wasn’t even immediately clear whether it would be possible to restore it or even safe to fire it, but for the price and the uniqueness I decided to take a chance.

Deal Alert: Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe


Looking for a budget friendly pistol safe to keep in the drawer of your night stand? The Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe is currently on sale for way below retail over on Amazon.com. The safe features an electric lock, concealed hinges and steel locking bolts for safety and pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware. Check out the deal on Amazon.com.

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Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Glock 19 A/IWB Holster Review

A good holster is something that is an absolute necessity for anyone that owns and carries handguns. I have lost count of how many...

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Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Glock 19 A/IWB Holster Review

A good holster is something that is an absolute necessity for anyone that owns and carries handguns. I have lost count of how many...