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Strike Industries G4 Slidecomp Glock Compensator


The popular firearms accessory makers at Strike Industries recently debuted their new G4 Slidecomp Glock compensator. It’s currently on pre-order at their site for $79.95. It only fits 9mm Gen 4 Glocks (not Gen 3 or earlier Glocks) and no threaded barrel is required and no permanent mods are done to your gun. It also works with open-bottomed holsters. We ordered one so look out for our review after they ship.

Just The Tip M855 5.56 Penetrator Morale Patch


Check out this “Just The Tip” M855 5.56 Penetrator Ammo morale patch for all you deplorables out there. Check them out on Amazon.

Let Other Drivers Know You’re Tacticool With a Firearm On Board Sign


You know those Baby On Board signs that let other drivers know to not small into your car at a red light? Well here’s a sign to let other drivers know not to make your day. This company sells them, according to them it’s to let law enforcement know you have a gun in the car in case you get pulled over. You know you could just tell them right? I sure hope these are a joke.

[H/T John]

Over $2 Million in Fake Glock Mags Seized


Check out this horde of fake Glock magazines that were seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Savannah, Georgia while inspecting a container. They found 591 cartons, if sold at the retail value of real mags that’s around $2.1 million in magazines. I wonder how reliable they are?


Dry Fire Practice: The Pistol Shooting Secret


Are you looking to become a better pistol shooter? It’s gonna take A LOT of practice and trigger time. But if you can’t make it to the range often the next best option is dry fire practice. What’s dry fire practice? Check out the video above about dry firing and why it’s important.

Deal Alert: Magpul MBUS PRO Steel Sight Set


Looking for some iron sights for your AR-15? Here’s a great deal on a set of Magpul MBUS PRO sights. They’re made in the USA out of steel with a melonite finish. They fold down flat when using optics and they flip up when needed.

I currently run these sights on my AR-15 and so far they’ve held up well. They going for way below retail on Amazon.con right now

Bubba’d Glock Trench Sights


Check out these Bubba’d trench style CCW sights on this Glock. While I’ve seen these style sights on 1911s I’ve never seen them on a Glock. The benefit of these sights? They’re less likely to snag on clothing while drawing, the downside? You Bubba’d your Glock. It’s actually not the worst hack job I’ve seen done to a Glock, remember this gem?

[Source H/T James]

The Most Armed Man in America


Meet the Most Armed Man in America Mel Bernstein, a.k.a. the “Dragon Man” who runs a gun range and a museum in Colorado. His 65,000 square feet facility has thousands of firearms (over 200 of them are full auto), 13 .50 cal M2 Brownings, recoil less rifles, cannons, military vehicles, uniforms and a Russian tank. Check it out in the video above. He has enough firepower to arm his own militia if shit went down. 

Deal Alert: Primary Arms MD-ADS Advanced Micro Dot for $141 Shipped


The Primary Arms MD-ADS Advanced Micro Dot is one of the best budget red dots on the market, there have been a bunch of torture test on this dot and it’s held up very well. It’s a 2 MOA dot with a battery life of up to 50,000 hours from the included CR2032 battery. They retail at $169.99 but at Jet.com they’re 15% off with the coupon code TRIPLE15, that comes down to $144.49. Jet also has an option where if you opt out of free returns and pay with a debit card they pass the savings onto you and the dot comes down to just $141.78 shipped. Check them out at Jet.com

Remington Laysoffs Several High-Level Directors and Managers


More bad news coming out of the gun industry, according to a post on TFB several high-level managers and directors have been let go at Remington. Just last week Remington also let go of over 120 employees at their New York manufacturing plant. None of this is surprising to be honest, over the last few years it seems like the quality of the firearms from Remington has been slipping. Also factor in the reduced demand after the end of President Obama’s reign and the election of President Trump, I wonder who is next to fail?

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Strike Industries G4 Slidecomp Glock Compensator

The popular firearms accessory makers at Strike Industries recently debuted their new G4 Slidecomp Glock compensator. It's currently on pre-order at their site for...


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