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The Guns of John Wick 2


John Wick 2 Guns

John Wick was a pretty cool movie and Keanu Reeves really trained pretty hard for that film, remember our post about Keanu Reeves shooting 3-gun? He looked pretty darn good. He’s just as bad ass in John Wick 2. Glock even had the pistols he used on display at the 2017 SHOT Show. Here’s the gun he uses in John Wick 2.

Deal Alert: TulAmmo .223 $4.79 with Free Shipping


Check out this pretty good deal on .223 TulAmmo from Sportsman’s Guide. 20 round packs are going for $4.74 if you’re a member or $4.99 if you’re not. Use coupon code SH1682 for free shipping on orders over $49.

Check out the deal at Sportsman’s Guide

Helicopter Minigun Takes Out Mexican Cartel Boss


Check out this video of a Mexican military helicopter strafing run taking out a Mexican cartel boss and seven cartel members with its minigun. That’s a lot of lead it’s laying down. Ay Cabron! 

California Ammo Sales Jump 50%


Ammo and reloading supply retailer Wideners.com recently sent out a press release with some rather interesting numbers, according to them their sales to customers in California has jumped 50%. This is due most likely to new laws that will start in 2018 that will force California residents to obtain a permit good for four years in order to purchase ammo. The post popular ammo with Californians is .223 followed by 9mm and .308. If you’re in California load up while you can!

Check out our buying ammo online article for a huge list of sources we use to buy ammo.

Deal Alert: Nikon 3-9×40 BDC Riflescope Just $89.99


Now here’s an awesome deal from Cabelas.com, they currently have the Nikon 3-9×40 BDC Riflescope at just $89.99 down from $179.99. I currently have this scope on my Savage .308 hunting rifle and I’m very happy with it, for the price it’s a solid scope with very clear glass. Check out the Nikon 3-9×40 BDC Riflescope at Cabelas.com

Sign the WhiteHouse.gov Petition to Repeal the NFA


Want to do your part to help protect our Second Amendment rights? Head on over to the WhiteHouse.gov petition to help repeal the NFA.  

Deal Alert: AR500 Steel Targets 20% Off Plus Free Target and SWAG


I love shooting steel targets, there’s almost nothing more satisfying at the range than hearing that ping of steel. If you’re in need of some great quality AR500 steel targets ShootSteel.com is having a 20% sale on their Amazon store. They’ll also throw in a free 4″ AR500 steel gong and free SWAG.

Check out their sale on Amazon.com, use coupon code OM32FPVX.

KRG Tactical Remington 700 Bolt Knob


Are you looking for an easy and cheap way to add a tactical bolt knob to your Remington 700? KRG Tactical has just what you’re looking for. They have a tactical knob that attaches to your factory knob without having to remove it from the bolt. Theirs clamps on via one screw and is easy to install. They’re made in the USA and are very affordable with free shipping.

Check them out over on Amazon.com.

L2D Combat Glock Sights


I’m a fan of fiber optic sights on my pistols, especially on competition pistols. L2D Combat has a new set of sights for the Glock. The front sight has a top beam that ensures the fiber optic tube is protected and the rear sight has tapered side walls and anti-glare serrations as well as a slightly offset dovetail that allows the sight to sit further back. This increases the sight radius which can help improve accuracy. The sights sell for $85 with a suppressor height version going for $90. Check them out at I2DCombat.com.

10 Best Gun Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


Instagram seems to be flooded with pictures from wannabe fitness models but there is actually quite a lot of great firearms related pages out there. Below is our list of the top 10 gun related Instagram accounts. Do you have a favorite page you follow? Leave us a comment below. 


The obvious top choice is us. In all seriousness we’re not the most popular page on Instagram but we do try and share a lot of firearms pictures we find interesting, both our own and from lots of other gun pages. We also mix in humor, military and historical photos too. Give us a follow @armoryblog.com


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The Guns of John Wick 2

John Wick was a pretty cool movie and Keanu Reeves really trained pretty hard for that film, remember our post about Keanu Reeves shooting...


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