Limbsaver Magpul Stock Recoil Pads



Limbsaver recently released a pre-fit recoil pad for Magpul stocks. Using the same NAVCOM material found in other recoil pads in Limbsaver’s lineup, they fit both the Magpul MOE and CTR rifle stocks. Limbsaver claims their recoil pad reduces felt recoil by up to 70% and helps maintain target acquisition. MSRP is $42. They’re also available on Amazon for $40 with free shipping.

While it doesn’t reduce felt recoil nearly as much as the Limbsaver, Magpul’s own recoil pad goes for $17 and does help reduce recoil a tad.

Mosin Nagant Stocks on Etsy



Who knew you could buy Mosin Nagant stocks on Etsy? I was researching Mosin stocks when I stumbled upon this listing on Etsy. The maker also produces handmade stocks for the SKS and Saiga rifles. I can’t imagine the stocks with the scope mounts attached to the actual stock hold zero very well at all, thoughts?

CMMG Releases New AR Pistol Line



CMMG recently released their new line of AR-15 pistols. They’ll be available in 9mm and .300BLK. They’ll retail starting at $1,049.95.

Fayette, MO — In response to customer feedback, CMMG has developed a line of new AR pistols that utilize properties from its sought after line of short-barreled rifles, including the popular RKM7 free float KeyMod hand guards. The resulting product launch includes two models of AR pistols chambered in 9mm and .300 AAC Blackout.

CMMG Mk4 PDW 300 BLK Pistol“We received a lot of feedback from our customers asking us to come out with a line of AR-style pistols,” said Jeff Overstreet, co-owner of CMMG Inc. “As you can see, we’ve listened. Like all the guns in the CMMG line, we’ve tried to keep the weight down and the quality of manufacturing to its highest standard so that you’ve got a gun that functions properly and is fun to shoot every time you take it to the range.”

The new Mk9 PDW Pistol is chambered in 9mm and comes with one 32-round magazine. The new Mk4 PDW Pistol is chambered in .300 AAC Blackout and comes with one 30-round Magpul PMAG. Each model comes with a Magpul MOE pistol grip, an A2 muzzle compensator and features an ambidextrous rear sling mount.

Both pistols have a slim, ergonomic profile, thanks to CMMG’s RKM7 free-floating KeyMod hand guard. The KeyMod slots are located at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions and allow users to mount compatible accessories directly to the hand guard. For accessories that are not yet compatible with the KeyMod system, CMMG offers separate 5-slot rails that attached to the hand guard. For mounting sights or optics, a 1913 Picatinny rail runs across the top of the firearm.

CMMG AR Pistol Specifications:
Calibers: 9mm / .300 AAC Blackout
Barrel: 8.2″ medium weight, 1:7” twist
Muzzle: A2 Compensator
Hand Guard: CMMG RKM7 Free-Float KeyMod hand guard
Receiver: Forged 7075-T6 AL
Trigger: Single Stage Mil-Spec Type
Furniture: Magpul MOE Pistol Grip
Weight: 5.3 lbs (9mm unloaded), 4.6 lbs (300 BLK unloaded)
Length: 24 inches
Magazine: 32rd (9mm), 30rd PMAG (300 BLK)
MSRP’s: $1,099.95 for Mk9 PDW Pistol (9mm), $1,049.95 for Mk4 PDW Pistol (300 BLK)


Playing Paintball



Who knew that more than thirty years after the invention of the sport of paintball, it would be one of the most popular and expensive sports for teens and young adults in the United States? When Charles Gaines and a group of friends slipped into the woods to settle a friendly dispute, not a single one of them dreamed the debate would trigger a sporting trend which would eventually spread like wildfire. Not only is paintball growing in the number of active participants, it’s also growing in cost. As technology increases and better weapons are developed, different targets are created, and more effective protective gear becomes available, the amount people are paying to play increases.

So What Is Paintball?
The sport of paintball is very much akin to laser tag. There are different types of staging areas for the game, ranging from a structured field to a wooded area. The teams spread out and eliminate each other by marking or hitting their opponents with pellets or balls of colored paint. The basic rules are relatively straight forward; if a player takes a direct hit from a paintball where the ball breaks on impact, then the player is eliminated from the game.

In some games, there is a requirement concerning the location of the paint mark or the size. The only time a player may not be eliminated from the game from a paint mark is when the paintball breaks on impact with another object. This is called splatter and is usually not considered a hit. The end of the game comes when one team is completely eliminated or they surrender.

Required Equipment
Paintball is not a cheap sport. A player just starting out should expect to spend upwards of $1,000.00 on paintballs, guns, protective equipment, and storage bags. The guns are also called markers and they take a bit of assembly, requiring a barrel, a CO2 canister, and a paintball loader. During game play, the player will empty a load of paintballs into the loader, which usually sits on top of the marker. Gravity does its job and the paintballs funnel into the marker, preparing to be fired. The pressurized air from the canister works to push the paintball into position, then fire it through the barrel and out toward the target. The weapon, alone, takes up more than half the expected play cost, and when they suffer from wear and tear, they require upkeep just like any other piece of game equipment. Try belleville washers in place of coil springs if pressure is a problem.

In addition to the weapon, the paintballs, the loader, and the air tank that make up the necessary components of the gun, safety gear is a must have. Protective goggles and face masks keep paint from impacting more delicate parts of the body. When they explode on impact, they hurt! The bruise left behind can range in size from a large coin to a clenched fist. In some cases, bruises can even be the size of an open hand. Vests, leg guards, gloves, neck guards, and more are available to keep the body from major harm while playing the game. Safety should always be the first priority.

Whether the creators of the sport of paintball intended for the game to be what it is today, many around the world have picked up this sport and play it competitively, some even professionally. It continues to grow in popularity despite the steep monetary cost. So gather up some friends and head over to the nearest field. You just might find yourself hooked.

Kineti-Tech Muzzle Brake With Sound Redirect Sleeve



Muzzle brakes are a pretty awesome upgrade on any weapon, but one downfall to them is that they are usually quite a bit louder and muzzle blast is usually redirected to each side of the brake. Making it a bit annoying for shooters to the side of you at the range. Kineti-Tech came up with a pretty neat solution to this. Their 2 Piece muzzle brakes include a sleeve that screws on over the brake and acts as a sound director which pushes the sound and blast forward while still reducing muzzle rise. According to Kineti-Tech it “Redirects sound forward to greatly reduce the “at ear point blast” compared to with the sleeve removed.”

The best part, they retail for only $49 and are available with free shipping over on Amazon.com.

Through Hole – 5/16″ .223/556 cal.
Length – 2.325″
Width – 2.25 sleeve 1″ Brake”
Barrel Thread – 1/2″ – 28
Outer sleeve Thread – 13/16″ X 16
Thread Length – 3/4
Marerial – T6061 Aluminum or Steel A311″
Finish – Harcoat Anodized MIL-A-8625F Type III / Color as Shown

AR-15 P90 Hybrid



Ever wonder what it would look like if an AR-15 and an FN P90 had a baby? Someone on the AR15 sub Reddit did and Photoshopped the above picture. I kind of dig it, minus the limp foregrip. Click here to see the full-size version.

Iconic Guns from TV and Movies



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AR-15 Soda Can Launcher



AR-15 drum mag maker X Products posted on their Facebook page a new soda can launcher they’re working on. They’re going to partner with another company to make the barrels and can that attaches to a standard AR upper and uses blanks to lob soda cans up to 150 yards. While no prices, launch date or additional info is known yet, X Products did say they’ll sell them as a parts kit or complete upper if they do bring them to market. They kind of remind of the AR-15 golf ball launchers available online, but this soda can launcher seem a lot cooler.


Oblivion Replica Prop Guns Build



A member over on the Replica Prop Forum made this awesome build of the rifle and pistol from the movie Oblivion. Any of those parts look familiar? Those are definitely Magpul PMAGS. A .22lr version of this rifle would be awesome. It just needs the Magpul MS3 Sling to complete the look from the movie.


If there was some way to make a real version of this pistol it looks like it would be an amazing shooter, talk about a low bore axis!

“Are you an effective team?”

Chris Costa, p.i.


If this was really a TV show I’d watch it!

Sigtac Stabilizing Brace Officially ATF Legal


Sigtac AR-15 Brace

It’s official, AR-15 arm braces like the Sigtac Stabilizing Brace are fully legal to use with your AR-15 pistols even if you use them from your shoulder. Resting the buffer tube right on your shoulder has always been legal, although a bit uncomfortable, so Sig came along with their Sigtac brace that strapped onto your arm as seen above. But come on, we all knew it was just a comfy (and now legal!) way to shoot your AR-15 pistol from your shoulder. Check out the full ATF letter here.

Don’t have a Sigtac brace yet? I highly recommend them for any pistol build, check em out online HERE.

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