AR-15 P90 Hybrid



Ever wonder what it would look like if an AR-15 and an FN P90 had a baby? Someone on the AR15 sub Reddit did and Photoshopped the above picture. I kind of dig it, minus the limp foregrip. Click here to see the full-size version.

Iconic Guns from TV and Movies



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AR-15 Soda Can Launcher



AR-15 drum mag maker X Products posted on their Facebook page a new soda can launcher they’re working on. They’re going to partner with another company to make the barrels and can that attaches to a standard AR upper and uses blanks to lob soda cans up to 150 yards. While no prices, launch date or additional info is known yet, X Products did say they’ll sell them as a parts kit or complete upper if they do bring them to market. They kind of remind of the AR-15 golf ball launchers available online, but this soda can launcher seem a lot cooler.


Oblivion Replica Prop Guns Build



A member over on the Replica Prop Forum made this awesome build of the rifle and pistol from the movie Oblivion. Any of those parts look familiar? Those are definitely Magpul PMAGS. A .22lr version of this rifle would be awesome. It just needs the Magpul MS3 Sling to complete the look from the movie.


If there was some way to make a real version of this pistol it looks like it would be an amazing shooter, talk about a low bore axis!

“Are you an effective team?”

Chris Costa, p.i.


If this was really a TV show I’d watch it!

Sigtac Stabilizing Brace Officially ATF Legal


Sigtac AR-15 Brace

It’s official, AR-15 arm braces like the Sigtac Stabilizing Brace are fully legal to use with your AR-15 pistols even if you use them from your shoulder. Resting the buffer tube right on your shoulder has always been legal, although a bit uncomfortable, so Sig came along with their Sigtac brace that strapped onto your arm as seen above. But come on, we all knew it was just a comfy (and now legal!) way to shoot your AR-15 pistol from your shoulder. Check out the full ATF letter here.

Don’t have a Sigtac brace yet? I highly recommend them for any pistol build, check em out online HERE.

Shooting Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on Steel Plates


Whenever I shoot steel targets I wonder how hard it would be to hit certain notes with certain size plates, since I’m not musically inclined I never pursued it. I’m glad someone did, because it’s freaking awesome. USPSA National Champion Shannon Smith displayed his musical shooting skills by playing Beethoven’s 5th Symphony on steel plates.

Patriot Products AZ Combat Optic Tool



The folks over at Patriot Products AZ, LLC have come up with a pretty nifty multi-tool that can be used to adjust a bunch of the popular weapons optics out on the market. Their patent pending Combat Optic Tool is made in the USA out of 316 stainless steel and features a box wrench that will work with both 3/8” LaRue Tactical mounts and 10mm Aimpoint mounts as well as EOTech and Trijicon ACOG mount. The Combat Optic Tool can be used to adjust windage and elevation on most weapons optics and can also crack open beer bottles. It retails for $19.95, check out the Patriot Products site for more details.


[Source: Kitup]

Amazon Announces They’ll Start Selling Ammo Online



The world’s largest online retailer Amazon.com just announced that they will now be selling ammunition online. In a turn about from their previous stance of not selling firearms or ammo on their website, Amazon has since started to embrace the firearms market and has taken a stance to support the 2nd Amendment. Amazon will carry calibers ranging from .22lr to .50BMG.

To view all the ammunition available on Amazon CLICK HERE.

In case you didn’t catch it, April Fools!

AR-15 with Adams Arms, Magpul and PWS Parts in Crimea



This was spotted in Crimea recently, that doesn’t look very Russian to me. From what I can tell he’s using an Adams Arms Piston upper, Zeiss scope, Magpul butt-stock and angled foregrip and a Primary Weapons Systems KAC556 muzzle brake. Pity about the barrel mounted bipod, it’s actually a pretty nice build minus that.

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