Ka-Bar Tactical Spork and Hidden Knife



Ever find yourself in a situation where you’re eating and you just wish you had utensils that were just a little more tactical? Well Ka-Bar has the answer! The new Ka-Bar Tactical Spork is made in America out of food and water approved Grilamid, it features a fork and spoon combo (spork) and a hidden serrated knife in the handle. The spork is 6.8″ long while the knife is 2.5″ long.

It sells for just under $7 with free shipping on Amazon.com.

Machine Gun Graveyard



Check out this picture posted on TheFirearmBlog of a bunch of machine guns at a museum in California that were made inoperable. Sad. Almost as sad as this gun graveyard in Asia full of rusted WWII and Vietnam War era guns.

From TheFirearmBlog:

This photo was taken by me at the former Military Vehicle Technology Foundation (aka the Littlefield Collection) museum in Portola Valley, CA. All of the formerly full-automatic weapons you see before you were rendered inoperable in preparation for leaving the state. This included torching both the receiver and barrel. Most of what you see in the photo are M1919s and MG42s. A number of other weapons were chopped up as well.

The Bungee Holster



I like minimalist style gear, as long as its well thought out and it works. I don’t think the bungee holster is either. The makers claim it’s the lowest profild and lightest weight profile on the market, because it’s just a piece of bungee cord. We tested another minimalist holster, the Versa Carry Holster, which suffers from the same downfall. That you can’t use either holster with a round in the chamber. The Versa Carry is a much better design however. If you want something even more simple than the Versa Carry then check out the Bungee Holster at BungeeHolster.com.

Deal Alert: Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protection



Now here’s a great deal on some of the best electronic hearing protection on the market. The Peltor Sport RangeGuard Electronic Hearing Protector is currently on sale for just under $39 with free shipping on Amazon.

They usually retail for $55. These are the electronic ear muffs I use I’m really happy with them.

Silenced Enfield “Obrez”




Check out this cut down Enfield rifle with a can on it. It’s similar in design to Obrez Mosin Nagants which where chopped for easy concealment. The “Obrez” Enfield above was actually posted on a Russian forum and reposted by Weaponsman.com, apparantly they were used on British armored fighting vehicles.

The barrel is threaded and uses a really big can, it kind of looks like the threaded tips for a DIY oil filter suppressor.

Deal Alert: Mission First Tactical BMS Minimalist Stock



Here’s a great deal on a very popular lightweight stock, currently the Mission First Tactical BMS Minimalist Stock is going for just $39.00 with Free Shipping on Amazon. They usually retail for $59.99.

Check them out on Amazon.

PPSh AK-47



Ever wonder what it would look like if the iconic Soviet era weapons the PPSh and the AK-47 had a baby? It would look like the rifle above, it was recently posted on TFB. I think it looks pretty cool.

AR-15 Rail and Muzzle Brake Fail



Check out this gem that was posted on Reddit a while back, some genius mounted a keymod rail onto their AR-15 that covered all the open slots of their muzzle brake. I wonder how many shots it took before their day was ruined.

Tac-Sac Tactical Nut Sack



Are you one of those lifted truck drivers that has a nut sack on the back of your truck? Well here’s the gun accessory for you! The Tac-Sac attaches to any standard Picatinny rail and it’s made in America. The go for $39.99 over at tacsac.com.

Mosin Nagant 7.62x54r Spam Can Pillow



Here’s a pretty cool gift for the Mosin Nagant fan in your life, it’s a pillow in the shape of a Russian 7.62x54r spam can complete with Russian writing. They go for $25 on Amazon.

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